Why did the Archdiocese sell the Center in 2011?

The sale enabled the Archdiocese to recoup some of the $54 million it had invested in the Cultural Center and ended the approximately $65,000 per month for operational costs. At the time of the sale, the archdiocese received various offers for the Center in the $20 million range. The Knights presented the best offer and terms of sale. Archbishop Vigneron consulted with the archdiocesan Finance Council and the College of Consultors, both of which unanimously supported and accepted the Knights' offer.

The archdiocesan Finance Council is a nine-member committee comprised of lay leaders and clergy who provide oversight and advice to Archbishop Vigneron on financial matters pertaining to the Detroit Archdiocese. The College of Consultors is the priest council of advisors to Archbishop Vigneron on administrative and financial issues.