Archdiocesan Finances

Over the last several years the Archdiocese of Detroit has implemented many changes in how the business of the Archdiocese is conducted. While we have made significant progress toward operating within a balanced budget, our efforts and diligence must continue.

We are grateful to all the faithful who provide the resources with which the Church operates in southeast Michigan. We are committed to being good stewards of your resources and to operate with integrity and transparency.



What is the current financial condition of the Archdiocese of Detroit?

Has Archdiocesan Operations improved its financial situation in recent years?

How much does the Archdiocese owe to outside entities?

What is the Archdiocesan Operations General Fund and how has it performed?

Where has the Archdiocese invested General Fund assets?

Who manages the Archdiocese’s financial assets and operations?


Updated February 2020