Are parishes audited? Who does the audits and on what basis?

The archdiocesan Audit Services office manages a limited scope audit program focusing on parish financial and internal controls. Through this, a snapshot of parish financial activity is examined, including an analysis of the parish financial report. In situations where potential irregularities or procedural inconsistencies are identified, the audit review is expanded. Audit Services annually conducts approximately 60 parish and school audits, with the goal to routinely examine the books of every parish and school once every four years. Audit resources are prioritized on parishes that have not been audited in recent years, and when prompted by special circumstances, such as reports received through the archdiocesan EthicsPoint portal, through which suspicions of misuse of Church funds and property can be reported.

The archdiocesan Central Services Department of Finance and Administration also annually analyzes every parish financial report and budget. For selected financially challenged parishes, or parishes required to submit a debt repayment plan, archdiocesan Parish Support Services will perform a detailed financial analysis or cash flow analysis including projected financial results and recommendations to reduce projected deficits.