Parish Finances

Are parishes required to report their finances to parishioners?

Archdiocesan policy calls for parishioners to receive a report of parish financial activity on an annual basis. Some parishes publish an annual financial report summary in their bulletins. Other parishes provide weekly summaries of offertory income in the bulletin. Consistent with Archbishop Vigneron’s commitment to accountability and transparency, parishes are expected to demonstrate good governance and stewardship by informing parishioners of parish finances. As stated in the Parish, Vicariate, and Archdiocesan Councils Handbook, parishes are expected to:

“Communicate regularly, but not less than annually, the financial condition of the parish, including sources and amounts of income, expenses, parish debt, unpaid bills, and parish savings and investments. The annual report is provided first to the Parish Pastoral Council, which communicates the information to the parish, and then to the Archbishop through the Department of Finance and Administration. A comprehensive report is an important element of accountability and transparency. Accountability completes the circle of stewardship and directly impacts parishioners’ willingness to give of their time, talents and treasures.”