COVID-19 Additional Questions for Catholic Schools
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Are schools to offer food programs during the time that schools are shut down or on break?

The Michigan Department of Education received a waiver for all K-8 schools to continue to provide our students with meals while the schools are closed due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Under this waiver, any student aged 18 and under is eligible to receive two meals per day, whether or not that student qualifies for any free or reduced lunch program. One day’s meals will be breakfast and lunch, breakfast and supper, or lunch and a snack, but will not be lunch and supper. This program is effective immediately.


Schools in the archdiocese are encouraged to continue to offer meals to their own students for parent pick-up wherever and whenever practicable. The waiver extends to all students, so one’s school may honor a request for meals for a student of another school. 


Meals should be picked up at the school on a grab-and-go or drive-up basis at the school’s discretion but no more than once per day. Meals for several days can be provided at the same time. It may be necessary for students from neighboring schools to pick up meals at one location.