Are there any changes in the Rite of Confirmation?

The new translation of the Rite of Confirmation is at the present time going through the review process and is scheduled to be considered at the next Bishops' meeting. For the foreseeable future the present Rite is to be used. The only changes a parish need concern itself with are the changes to the Mass texts prescribed by Roman Missal 3rd edition. This means that the present Guide for the Preparation of the Confirmation Liturgy is the proper guide to use.

The USCCB Committee on Divine Worship is presently working on the revision of the Rite of Confirmation. However, the new (interim) Roman Pontifical has been published and will be used by the Bishops at Confirmation until the Revised Rite is officially completed and approved. There are minor changes in the words used by the Bishop during the renewal of baptismal vows. The response of the confirmands is still the same. There is no need to print in a program all of these questions used by the bishop…the confirmands should be listening to the questions and then making their response. The only other change is the response” And with your spirit”….which confirmands and congregation have been using for a year now. For the sake of parishes preparing for the celebration of Confirmation a copy of the rite can be downloaded here.