Pornography’s Effects on Marriage and the Hope of Recovery and Healing  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops article on the impact of pornography on marriage, personal freedom, and the road map to healing and recovery.

Pornography and Our Call to Love U.S. Bishop’s insert article on the neurological, emotional, relational, and youth impact of pornography.

Pornography Article on the impact and recovery from pornography on marriage from the U.S. Bishop’s marriage web site 


Three part article series on the U.S. Church’s efforts to combat the pornography epidemic:

Part I: Taking on the Pornography Scourge With leadership and support from the U.S. bishops, the Catholic Church is recognizing and responding to the alarming prevalence of smut usage in America.

Part II: Catholic Ministries Combat Pornography From support groups to software, Church-backed ministries confront the rampant smut addiction.

Part III: Future Priests Battle Pornography Epidemic  Seminaries and therapists recognize pornography’s devastating impact on vocations and the possibility for freedom and celibacy.