Homosexuality and the Catholic Church: Clear Answers to Difficult Questions

As the founder and director of the Courage and Encourage support groups, Fr. John Harvey is aware of the sensitive nature of homosexuality. With his extensive experience ministering to those with same-sex attraction, Fr. Harvey presents the Church’s teaching in an objective and pastorally-sensitive manner. Priests, religious, and laity alike will benefit from the many questions considered here.

Born to Love: Gay-Lesbian Identity, Relationships, and Marriage-Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Battle for Chaste Love

Born to Love is a clear, solid presentation of Catholic teaching on homosexuality and related topics. Fr. John Waiss' presentation is well grounded in John Paul II's personalist philosophy and Theology of the Body, making convincing arguments that are accessible to all. He focuses on the intrinsic good of the person and on the true meaning of sexuality as created by God. This is much more helpful than a list of "do's and don'ts."

Accompanying those with Same-sex Attractions: A Guide for Catholics 

In the booklet Accompanying those with Same-sex Attractions: A Guide for Catholics, David Prosen speaks generously and with wisdom out of his own experience of same-sex attractions: without love, all the rules and commandments in the world fall flat. It is not for us to fix or change the person with same-sex attractions; our place is simply to love them. Just like anyone else, people with same-sex attractions first need to hear that their heavenly Father cares for them. Prosen reminds us of the power of affirming love in our own experience. When someone takes the time to just be with us and tells us the truth in a compassionate way, we are more likely to receive it. Each of us, then, as spiritual mothers and fathers, may be a vehicle for Christ’s affirming love shining in the loneliness of same-sex attractions.

Made for Love: Same-Sex Attraction and the Catholic Church

In Made for Love, Fr. Michael Schmitz presents the Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction and same-sex "sexual" relations. He begins by giving background information regarding the different worldviews of the human person, the philosophical ideas of nature and purpose, the differences between objective and subjective truth, the principal of non-contradiction, and the fallen human nature that resulted from Original Sin.  He then discusses in great detail the nature and ends of human sexuality and the nature of true love, while, in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, explaining the flawed nature of same-sex "sexual" relations. While this book is intended primarily for those who have same-sex attraction and their family and friends, its presentation of the compassionate truth of Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction will be of great benefit to everyone in today's society.

My Journey to Truth, Authentic Love and Hope:: One Man's Story of Transformation and Chastity Through Christ

In "My Journey To Truth, Authentic Love and Hope", David Prosen shares honestly and openly about his journey to Christ after living a very active gay life. Is it possible to live a chaste fulfilling life in Christ? Is it fair for the Church and God's word to ask us to live chastely lives? David proves how this was not only possible for him but that it brought him out of despair and gave his life meaning, peace and confidence as a man. Share his pain and his triumphs in Christ as he sunk in the valleys and climbed up the mountains. His story is an inspiring one that shows the victory we all have in Christ, no matter what our struggles are.

Living the Truth in Love: Pastoral Approaches to Same Sex Attraction 

This volume contains a collection of essays for people who want to be instruments of Christ's love to those who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) and seek guidance on how best to do so. Topics include an explanation of the meaning of the word "disorder", a discussion of the therapeutic power of friendship, and an application of Saint John Paul II’s personalism to the question of same-sex attraction. Psychologists and counselors explain various ways of affirming those who experience SSA and of leading them to experience the power of Christ’s healing love. Several of those who experience SSA tell their touching and inspiring stories.