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Can an employee continue to receive insurance benefits while collecting unemployment?


According to Michigan Catholic Conference the language from Health Plan Document states in Section 2.6 under the Benefit Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan plan “Continuation During a Leave of Absence. Benefit coverage under the plan, (and effective October 1, 2011 for Delta Dental) plans may be continued for up twenty-four (24) months if an Employee is temporarily inactive because of lay-off, sick leave or an approved leave of absence; the Participant must pay in full (employer and employee portion of premium) for elected benefits.”This also applies to the vision plan as it falls under definition of Health Plan.MCC does not track who pays the premium but we will continue to bill the unit.

For employees eligible for FMLA and/or FMLA expansion per the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, FMLA rules will apply regarding continuation of employee benefits and employee contributions.

For Basic Life and LTD, Unum will consider temporary layoff to be on an approved leave and employee will remain eligible for 60 days or length of the temporary lay-off provision in the contract, whichever is longer. Currently,our plan only goes to the end of month following the month layoff begins. The employer is responsible for paying the full premium. 

STD –eligibility for MCC’s STD will mirror LTD.

Optional life will continue as long as employee continues to pay premium. Note: MCC will continue to charge the unit. It is the unit’s responsibility to obtain premiums from employees.

Employees cannot pay any portion of STD, LTD or Life insurance premiums.Employees will need to pay premium/premium share to their employer/unit (or Diocese as AOD determines). MCC will continue to bill the unit for premium unless otherwise notified. MCC is not equipped to bill employees individually.It is the unit’s responsibility to obtain premiums from employees. 

The MCC Plans do not speak to a temporary reduction of hours for benefit continuation. The Plans state that an employee is benefit eligible if they are in a position that normally requires 20 or more hours per week for five or more months in a calendar year. Therefore, if the hours reduction is temporary and the employee will work 20 or more hours per week in 5 or more months in 2020, leave Schedule Hours at 20 or more in the custom fields in Paycor. 

If the Scheduled Hours field is changed to less than 20 this will cause benefits to terminate.