Changing Lives Together

A renewed sense of mission and stewardship was the cornerstone of the Changing Lives Together initiative. Each disciple utilized a unique combination of our Lord’s gifts of time, talent and treasure to help achieve parish and Archdiocesan goals detailed below. The faithful, pastors, parishes, Archdiocesan staff and consultants collaborated in this transforming initiative, and much more was accomplished than we could have imagined.

High on that list of accomplishments is the confidence that we now have that when we work and pray together, and place our trust in the Lord, we can meet our challenges and accomplish the mission He has placed before us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Archdiocese of Detroit conduct the Changing Lives Together Capital Campaign?

What were the priorities of Changing Lives Together?

What was total fundraising goal and what was the fundraising goal for each of the four priorities?

How were these priorities determined?

How was the goal for each parish determined?

How were the campaign proceeds shared?

How many people contributed to the campaign?

How much was raised and how much has been collected?

How much was raised for the Church in the City element and where has it been spent? 

How have the proceeds for the Archdiocesan priorities been used?

Posted: August 2019