Forming a New Prayer and Intercessory Team at Your Parish
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Do you have a charism for intercessory prayer?

A charism is a spiritual gift, given to a Christian by the Holy Spirit to enable him or her to be powerful channel of God’s love and redeeming presence in the World.  Whether extraordinary or ordinary, charisms are to be used in charity or service to build up the Church (CCC, 2003).

Someone with a charism for intercessory prayer goes beyond the call to pray for others that all Christians practice.  Their prayer for others is consistent, persistent and tireless. Intercessors do not tell God what to do, but seek first to discern God’s will in the matter and then pray that God’s purposes be done in that situation.

Three signposts of a charism:

  1. An unmistakable inner experience of peace, energy and joy when you are using the gift. It energizes you!
  2. Unusually effective and successful results in what you’re trying to accomplish.
  3. Other people’s direct or indirect recognition of the gift’s presence.

Other charisms important to form and lead an intercessory prayer group are teaching, music, prophecy, encouragement and discernment of spirits.

Click here to download this guide for self-reflection to help you discern if you are called to form and lead and intercessory prayer team.