Does the Archdiocese of Detroit offer financial assistance to parishes?

Funds are available to qualified parishes and vicariates through the archdiocesan Parish Empowerment Fund (PEF), which awarded $631,638 in fiscal year that ended June 30, 2018.

Parishes eligible for PEF grants minister a primarily at-risk or ethnic minority population; have less than $25,000 in regular savings and no more than an additional $50,000 in designated special savings. PEF funds can only be used for salaries or programs, and cannot be used for other operating expenses, capital improvements, or for the purchase of equipment or vehicles. PEF grants are typically awarded to parishes with staff needs, such as salaries for directors of religious education, bilingual administrative staff, and business managers shared by multiple parishes. If a salary is granted, the parish or vicariate must pay all appropriate benefits. PEF-eligible parishes must have current and approved budgets and financial reports filed with the archdiocesan Department of Finance and Administration.

The archdiocesan Urban Capital Fund (UCF) grant program provides funds for emergency, unbudgeted, and unfunded capital needs, primarily to parishes in urban areas of the Archdiocese. For example, a church roof may begin leaking and require immediate repair exceeding parish funds. The UCF program is administered through the chancellor’s office. Grants are recommended to the College of Consultors, which makes recommendations to the Archbishop. The maximum per parish UCF grant is $25,000 per fiscal year. In the fiscal year that closed June 30, 2018, UCF grants totaling $22,791 were awarded.