Mooney Real Estate Holding Company and Parish Incorporations
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How did the creation of Mooney Real Estate Holdings affect the day-to-day life of the parish?

There has been no substantial change in the normal operation and administration of any parish because, after all, we already had been following canon law in this regard, which is our standard of interaction between the parishes, schools, and the Archdiocese. MREH has entered into an arrangement with the Archdiocese allowing it exclusive use of MREH’s real property for the benefit of the Archdiocese, its parishes, schools, cemeteries and other Church-affiliated parties. Pastors have continued to administer the parishes as previously, consulting with the parish pastoral councils as required. Parishes have continued to have parish pastoral councils, finance councils, and so on. Parishes have remained in communication with and accountable to the Archbishop. Parishes are still required to file annual budgets and financial reports with the Archdiocese. Permission of the Archbishop is still needed when administration of parish goods is an act of major importance, exceeding what is considered ordinary administration. The creation of MREH and move toward civil incorporation has not changed the basic pattern of parish and diocesan life.


It may be that leases and use agreements with various entities will now cite Mooney Real Estate Holdings as the property owner. Once individual parish corporations are created, and the parish property is transferred – in civil law – to the parish corporations, legal documents will reflect the parish corporation as the civil law owner of the property.