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How does CCSEM determine which programs and services to offer?

CCSEM continues to seek feedback from our parish faithful, pastors, parish staff and volunteers. In addition, collaboration and coordination with a host of human service organizations in southeast Michigan continues, all to ensure the entire community across our six counties (Catholic and non-Catholic alike) can access and/or utilize CCSEM services.

An important consideration in determining a new program for CCSEM is whether the service is consistent with the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church, its moral convictions, and religious beliefs. These teachings include respect for the dignity of life, the individual, and the family. The values and objectives of CCSEM are to promote the value of life, lessen human suffering, and respect human dignity. CCSEM programs and services are regularly reviewed to determine whether they promote the organization’s mission and vision, and whether they support good stewardship and business principles.

An additional consideration is determining the resources needed for each service or program, to identify and engage partnerships that uphold Catholic values and teachings, and to find sustainable funding streams compatible and consistent with Catholic values.