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How does the Endowment support training for youth and family ministers?

Funds from the Endowment help defray the educational and training costs of religious education and catechetical teachers, as well as pastoral ministers throughout the Archdiocese. This program has increased participation in classes and programs at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

Lay people seeking to serve as catechists can receive tuition assistance including financial aid for studies at Sacred Heart. For graduate students in theological or pastoral studies at Sacred Heart, this means interest-free loans for up to 50 percent of their tuition. If the student continues to work for the Church after graduation, one-fifth of the loan is forgiven for each year of service. For undergraduate students at Sacred Heart who are currently employed by a parish or Catholic school, grants for up to 75 percent of tuition are available for theological and ministry courses at the Seminary.

The Endowment also provides tuition assistance through pastoral ministry grants to students with financial need who are pursuing youth and family ministry studies at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and other educational institutions approved by the Archdiocese.