How is the CSA goal determined for each parish?

Each parish is assigned a formula-based target, established by the Archdiocese (click here to learn more). If contributions exceed the parish target, the parish receives 100 percent of those funds without any assessment. If a parish CSA collection falls short, the parish must cover the difference from parish operating revenues. Parishes are thereby incentivized to conduct energetic CSA campaigns.

Individual parish targets may change from year to year, depending on fluctuations in parish offertories and changes in the number of parishes. In calculating a parish CSA target, the most important factor is the parish’s annual offertory collection, including Christmas, specified in the parish annual financial report submitted to the Archdiocese. Parish CSA targets for 2018 were based on parish financial reports submitted for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017.

Credits can reduce the amount of annual parish offertory considered in the CSA calculation. Parishes operating schools and parishes providing Catholic school tuition assistance can have reduced CSA targets. The number of registered households, parish debt, or the prior year CSA collection are not included in the parish CSA target formula.