How long does the process take to complete?

Due to the great number of cases considered and the requirements of Church law, an exact time for the final decision cannot be specified. The process usually takes about one year, but length will vary from case to case. In fact, in this diocese, no Church official is free to determine a specific date for a subsequent marriage until the Metropolitan Tribunal gives notification of the outcome of the case.

 A case can be completed more expeditiously if the witnesses submit their answers promptly and coherently. Once all the information is collected, the case can move to the next step. The parties are always free to contact their procurator/advocate for an update on the status of their case. Since others are also waiting for their petitions to be answered, cases cannot be "bumped-up" or "given priority". There is one exception to this. If a person is dying, Church law allows the tribunal to immediately deal with the case.