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HS Theology Teacher Certification

The Archdiocese of Detroit's policy for religion teachers in a Catholic high school requires that the teacher be certified through the Office of Ministerial Certification or in the process of obtaining certification.

Because faith development is a lifelong process through which we continue to come to a deeper understanding of our life in Christ, the certified religion teacher is called to continued growth and enrichment through workshops, seminars, or courses. Some form of annual enrichment is necessary to maintain certification.

The special character of the Catholic school and the underlying reason for its existence, the reason why Catholic parents should prefer it, is precisely the quality of the religious instruction integrated into the overall education of the students.

 High School Theology Curriculum

Steps to Certification:

Step 1: Fill out the certification information form

 Catholic High School Theology Teacher/Catechist Certification Reporting Form

Part A: Record your degree
Part B: Record course work and equivalent hours in competency areas

Step 2: Complete Internship

Your supervisor (principal or theology department head) signs and dates the internship box when the internship requirements have been completed.

Step 3: Send all required information

Office of Ministerial Certification
High School Catechist Certification
12 State St.
Detroit, MI 48226