Forming a New Prayer and Intercessory Team at Your Parish
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Introduction to Forming a New Prayer and Intercession Team

Thank you for taking the step of discerning to start a Prayer and Intercession Team at your parish. This is an exciting opportunity for you, your potential team, your pastor and all those living in the boundaries of your parish.  We have organized this page to provide resources for your own discernment and how to present this ministry to your pastor and his leadership team and develop the team. Enjoy!!

In Action Step 2.2.4 of Unleash the GospelArchbishop Vigneron charged that each parish form an Intercessory Prayer Team to pray for the mission of the parish and intentions from the leadership team and to provide ongoing prayer support of that team.  Whether you have been asked by your pastor to form a team or have felt the call on your own, welcome!  We hope this information will help you better discern that call and provide you some guidance on next steps.

  1. Do you have a charism for intercessory prayer? 
  2. Forming a Team 
  3. Attend an AOD Intercessory Prayer Team Training