Is it proper to bring gifts for the poor during the Presentation of the Gifts? Where should they be placed?

It is important to remember that the gifts brought up are of two different kinds. First and foremost there are the gifts for the sacrifice…the bread and the wine…. These gifts, presented by the entire assembly, are the gifts to be transformed into the body and blood of Christ. They are received by the priest and deacon {or other servers} and placed on the altar by the priest or deacon. Secondly, there are those gifts meant to be used for the ministries of the community. These gifts which can be monetary and other gifts for the poor {food, clothing, etc.} may be brought in the procession and, given their purpose, they are to put in a suitable place away from the Eucharistic table [GIRM #73] but not in the sanctuary. Nothing should be placed on the sanctuary that would obstruct the sight line of the people to the altar of sacrifice or impede the movement of the ministers on the sanctuary in the course of the celebration.