Is it proper to include the candidates in the Rite of Presentation of the Creed and Presentation of the Lord’s Prayer?

It depends on the spiritual needs of these candidates. If the candidates are truly uncatechized, have no experience with the Church of their baptism, were never raised in any faith, the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer will be totally unfamiliar to them. The presentations would be proper and would be needed by them.

However, if the Lord’s Prayer has been part of their prayer life it would not make any sense to present them with this prayer. In a similar way, if a candidate has had some experience with their church of baptism and has prayed the Creed as part of religious services in that church then it would not make any sense to present them with the Creed which is already part of their prayer life.

All candidates would benefit from a deeper study of both these prayers as would all in our parish community, but to ritually present them with these symbols as if they had never heard of them before would be incongruous. (See RCIA # 407)