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Major differences:

  1. Authority in the Church
  2. The way a person is saved
  3. Eucharist...the Presence of Jesus is added to the Bread and Wine during the celebration but does not remain after the celebration is complete
  4. Have some understanding of Confession, but do not consider it sacramental
  5. The Bible alone is the source of doctrine
  6. Faith in Christ is the only way to obtain personal salvation
  7. Reject prayer to Mary and saints as well use of icons and images
  8. Reject the notion of Purgatory, but have recently included prayers for the dead in their prayerbooks (ELCA)
  9. Their ministers may marry
  10. Women can be ordained (in ECLA)
  11. Divorce is tragic but sometimes the best option
  12. Accept remarriage

They believe in:

  1. Apostles' Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed, Augsburg confession, Formula of Concord
  2. Trinity
  3. Christ is truly human and truly divine

There are two main branches of Lutheranism in the U.S.:

  1. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America [ECLA]
  2. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod [LCMS] - tends to be more fundamentalist

Catechesis required:

  1. Ecclesiology including:
    • justification by faith and good works
    • church as Body of Christ
    • church as community
    • church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic
    • hierarchical structure of the Church ... and authority in the Church
    • infallibility
    • Communion of Saints, Mary and the Saints
  2. Eucharistic theology ...our understanding of:
    • Transubstantiation
    • Real Presence
    • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  3. Holy Orders and Marriage

Also necessary for them to become part of the community and to participate with the community in its missionary activities.