Lent Questions and Answers

May Baptisms and Weddings be celebrated during Lent?

Yes. Sacraments cannot be denied to the faithful during Lent. However, it would be well to share with parents of children for baptism and couples preparing for marriage the spirit of the season of Lent.

Lent is a season of penance and reflection for the entire community. It is meant to encourage all to take time to examine their conscience and determine how faithfully they have lived their baptismal vows. This reflection ought to be in the forefront of the Lenten experience. It is at the celebration of Easter and the weeks of Easter that the whole community traditionally welcomes new members into the community to join them on the path to holiness.

If a couple needs to celebrate the sacrament of Marriage during Lent they need to be reminded that the spirit of the season needs to be honored. Therefore, there should not be elaborate decorations in the worship space. This means no flowers or a very simple bouquet; music to support the singing only.