NET Ministries

NET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Every August, 150 young Catholics aged 18-28 leave behind their jobs, school, family, and friends to devote nine months to serving with the National Evangelization Teams (NET).  Divided into 14 teams, they travel across the U.S. for nine months to share the Gospel with young people and their families. Since 1981, NET teams have led over 29,000 retreats and ministered to more than 1.7 million young Catholics.

Each year, we send over 150 young adults across the country in teams of 8-14 to proclaim the Gospel to Catholic youth. The NET teams will share their love of Christ and the Church with over 70,000 youth from September to May this year. They come from a wide variety of states and countries. Our team members have been trained in the teachings of the Catholic Church and formed as brothers and sisters in Christ, a quality young people consistently notice and to which they are attracted. Our experienced team members take care of most everything, including retreat content, set up, and tear down. Your level of involvement is up to you; we partner with you to ensure a perfect match for your group’s needs.

“My life has literally changed since the retreat and I am now trying my best to become more like Christ.”
-Youth, age 14
“I don’t want to call them the future of the Church. They’re the now of the Church. I’m so encouraged by them.”
-Confirmation Teacher
“Most of my youth said they went in with closed minds and came out with open hearts. Truly all had a great experience.”
-Youth Minister


To learn about when the NET Teams will be in the Archdiocese of Detroit and to explore scheduling in your parish or school, please contact Jenelle Suchy in the NET Scheduling Office at