Archdiocese of Detroit Newsletters

If you want to stay up-to-date with the Archdiocese of Detroit and its ministries, you have many options to be informed, inspired, and stay connected through its weekly and monthly newsletters. Below is a short description of each one of them: 

Archdiocese of Detroit Official Newsletter

When: Every Saturday

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to stay in touch with the Archdiocese of Detroit

What can you expect: It’s a round-up of the biggest stories from the week, important announcements, and the best content from all of our channels. 

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Detroit Catholic

When: Daily Digest: Monday through Friday | Weekly Digest: Saturdays | Monthly: End of Month

Who is it for: Catholics in southeast Michigan

What can you expect: Detroit Catholic is the digital news service of the AOD. It is the successor to the Michigan Catholic Newspaper. You can expect to read the stories of the people and communities answering the call to unleash the Gospel. 

The monthly newsletter focuses on a particular topic and often includes video, audio, and photo coverage.

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Unleash the Gospel

When: Every Wednesday

Who is it for: Joyful Missionary Disciples

What can you expect: Inspiration, formation, and community. You will also find practical advice on how to live as joyful missionary disciples. There is content for individuals and families. 

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When: Monthly

Who is it for: Catholics in southeast Michigan

What can you expect: New episodes from the official podcasts of the Archdiocese of Detroit:

  • Eyes on Jesus: Archbishop Vigneron’s podcast
  • Open Door Policy: Interviews with joyful missionary disciples
  • Encounter, Grow, Witness: Podcast for lay ecclesial ministers
  • Detroit Stories: Stories from Southeast Michigan to be inspired 
  • Men of the Hearts: Podcast for men interested in pursuing the vocation of the priesthood and for those who support vocations

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Encounter Grow Witness

When: Every other Monday

Who is it for: Parish leaders (clergy, staff, volunteers)

What can you expect: Inspiration, Formation, and Practical Advice for Lay Ecclesial Ministers and Parish Leaders (priests, deacons, staff and volunteers)

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Parish Mail

When: Every Tuesday

Who is it for: Parish staff

What can you expect: Information and resources for parishes

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School Mail

When: Every Thursday

Who is it for: School administrators

What can you expect: Information and resources for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit

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