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NFP Grants and Scholarships

NFP Scholarships

The Archdiocese does not pay scholarship monies to women or couples directly. If you need financial assistance in order to learn to use a method of NFP, please contact the NFP Coordinator for a list of teaching centers offering scholarships at 313.237.4679 or nfp@aod.org. All inquiries will remain confidential.

NFP Student Scholarship Grants

The Archdiocese of Detroit sponsors annual grants in the amount of $1,000 per teaching center to be used to fund scholarships to women and couples in need of financial assistance in order to learn a method of Natural Family Planning. Teaching centers that provide NFP instruction at no cost to communities demonstrating financial need may also apply to use this grant to fund the purchase of teaching materials, supplies, and training costs for instructors. To apply for this grant, please complete and submit the application found here. Grant Distribution of Funds found here

Instructor Education Scholarship

The Archdiocese of Detroit offers three $550 scholarships per year to support the training of Natural Family Planning instructors in any method of NFP approved by the USCCB. This includes the Billings Ovulation MethodFamily of the AmericasSymptoPro (Northwest Family Services), the Marquette Model, and the Creighton Model (more locations can be viewed here).

Scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Catholic in good standing, living within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Detroit
  • Accepted to an instructor education program for a method of NFP approved by the USCCB
  • Currently using an approved method of NFP, or beyond reproductive years, but well-versed in NFP methodology
  • Provide and essay or mission statement regarding his/her motivations to begin teaching NFP
  • Complete a brief interview with the NFP Coordinator
  • Commit to teaching within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Detroit for a minimum of 2 years after completion of training
  • Provide instruction to women and couples according to the USCCB standards for Diocesan NFP Teachers
  • Maintain continued communication with NFP Coordinator as requested

To apply for this scholarship, complete the application found here, as well as the requirements listed within the application. Please send questions, applications and requested documents to nfp@aod.org or contact 313.237.4679 for more information.