NFP Testimonials

Medical Support

  • Dr. Dan Greene, is an OB/GYN physician. He has been in practice for more than 15 years. He provides answers to questions on natural family planning, which may be helpful as you explore the practice.
  • Mary Bieniasz, a nurse practitioner, no longer prescribes the birth control pill; she now educates women on how NFP helps couples recognize signs of fertility, infertility and gynecological health concerns.

Medical Concerns

  • Watch Video - Henry and Clair tell how they had an unexpected medical problem that required that they not get pregnant for nine months, so they used natural family planning.
  • Watch Video - Maria and Henry like natural family planning because it is safe, natural and effective with the added bonus of low cost; most importantly they like NFP because it strengthens their relationship.

The Pill and Miscarriage

  • Watch Video - Mike and Lea, married four months, talk about the benefits of abstaining before marriage, and using natural family planning in marriage.

New Hope for Infertility

The Creighton Model and NaProTECHNOLOGY provide moral alternatives to Assisted Reproductive Technology in the treatment of infertility. Not only does the system aid in achieving pregnancy, it strives to uncover and treat its underlying conditions and restore the woman’s health.

Wedding Ceremony

Watch Video - When preparing couples for marriage Fr. Jeff Day explains the three questions asked at the wedding ceremony in light of natural family planning. NFP helps couples to avoid pregnancy when a serious reason exists or to responsibly plan their family and have children.

Planning a Family

  • Watch Video - Nicole and Kurt share how NFP is not just the Rhythm method as well as the ways that abstinence, during the fertile time, has enriched their communication and relationship. They have four children. Each child was planned two-and-a-half years apart.
  • Watch Video - Dan and Sheila, married more than 20 years, used NFP to avoid pregnancy for a while and then heard how children are an "opportunity for generosity." After three children and remaining open to life, they welcomed Joseph into their family. Joseph was born with Down syndrome and he truly is a blessing for the entire family.
  • Watch Video - Wendy, married for 24 years, experienced very irregular cycles; she found that NFP helped her doctor diagnose infertility and various other health problems; she now has seven children—all planned.
  • Watch Video - Kelly and Dominic were married but decided to delay having children. They turned to the birth control pill but were unhappy with its effects. They decided to look at other options when they discovered natural family planning methods.

Stress and Surprises

  • Watch Video - Debbie and Mike discuss what happens when you stop charting while using NFP and how they regained faith in the method.
  • Watch Video - Heather and Matt tell how natural family planning transformed their marriage and helped to prepare them for the unexpected.
  • Watch Video - Cindi and Jim used natural family planning early in marriage to avoid pregnancy. When they were ready to have a baby they chose not to make use of in vitro fertilization. Continuing with NFP, they were blessed with a baby girl, Serena.
  • Watch Video - Keith and Michelle share the negative side effects of hormonal contraception and how they used NFP to help them achieve pregnancy.