Parishioner Data Management and Privacy
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Parishioner Data Management and Privacy

Like all Archdiocesan initiatives, our mission is to lead souls to heaven through Jesus Christ, and modern technology provides new methods to reach people. By maintaining a centralized database, we know who the faithful are; where they are on their faith journey; understand their charisms and active ministry participation; can facilitate parish operations and financial record keeping; and communicate with parishioners. Through forming joyful missionary disciples, these tools can help dispatch them into the missionary field to win more souls for Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a single, centralized database?

Why use a Church (Parish) Management System?

Why use ParishSOFT Family Suite?

How does the Archdiocese of Detroit and its parishes protect personal data?

Is the information contained in ParishSOFT sold for advertising purposes?


Posted: December 2018