RCIA Catechist Certification - available soon through Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Resources and Descriptions

  • RCIA Catechist Certification - The Church has always required proper preparation for those who exercise a ministry. The process of becoming a youth minister requires taking classes in ministerial certification.
  • Candidates for Full Communion - The critical issue is who is considered catechized and who uncatechized and how does the catechumenal team help each on the conversion journey.
  • Differences in Major Religions - Outline of major differences between Catholic and other major faith traditions.
  • Sacramental Record Keeping Grid - Quick reference chart on information required for record keeping.
  • Initiating Children of Catechetical Age - Chart outlining the material contained in the statement: Pastoral Challenge of Implementing the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults for Children Who Have Reached Catechetical Age.