COVID-19 Finance FAQ for Catholic Schools
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Some parents have concerns about tuition payments. What is the appropriate response?

If a family presents a school with economic hardship due to this current crisis, one should treat the family’s request for an extended tuition payment schedule as one would with similar requests under normal circumstances. Understanding that some parents will be facing an unexpected financial hardship due to loss of work or illness, schools should certainly work to accommodate extended payment plans at their discretion. As in all cases, payment plans should be in written form, signed or electronically acknowledged by the parents or the responsible party.


Parents are under contract to pay tuition at the beginning of the school year. Whether through FACTS, another tuition collection service or directly with the school, payment plans arranged by individual schools are accommodations to the parents to allow them to pay beyond the beginning of the school year. During the school shut down, students will continue to be educated to the greatest extent possible so there will not be a breach of contract and no refund shall be given.


Unfortunately, if the parent or responsible party is simply unable or unwilling to pay tuition, the student will not be able to remain enrolled. Therefore, it is in the best interests of all involved, most especially our students, if arrangements can be made to ultimately collect all tuition owed for this school year