St. John's Plymouth

St. John's, Plymouth

Founded in 1948 as St. John's Provincial Seminary, it provided graduate-level theological education and spiritual formation for seminarians from all Michigan dioceses that form the province. While it was closed in 1988 following the designation of Sacred Heart as a major seminary, the property experienced a revival under the guidance of Cardinal Adam J. Maida and today is the site of an active Catholic wedding ministry, world-class hotel, conference center, and golf course.

From 2009 until 2021, an independent Board of Directors monitored operations and advised the Archbishop on the strategic planning developed to contribute to the overall missions of the Archdiocese. In 2021, after prayerful discernment and at the recommendation of the Finance Council and College of Consultors, the entire complex was sold to Pulte Family Management, SJ LLC. Through a long-term lease agreement with Pulte Family Management, SJ LLC, the Archdiocese of Detroit continues to support an active Catholic wedding ministry at the Chapel of Mary and Joseph (formerly St. John Chapel).

Prior to the sale, St. John’s Plymouth, better known by its marketing brand name of “The Inn at St. John’s,” generated positive cash flows, establishing reserves for maintenance of the entire complex.

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Posted: August 2021