Synod '16

How can communities of faith – families, parishes, schools, Catholic apostolates, and Archdiocese of Detroit’s Central Services – unleash the Gospel in Detroit and southeast Michigan, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ?

To discern the answer, Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron convened a synod in fall 2016. Representatives from throughout the archdiocese met over three days to pray, discuss and discern what the Holy Spirit was saying. Synod members focused on themes and propositions relating to how to reorient the Archdiocese of Detroit from maintenance to mission. How can we become the band of joyful missionary disciples that God wants us to be?

The work of Synod 16 was the work of the Holy Spirit. It is a movement. We are merely His instruments at work refashioning the Church to win back the world for Christ. Synod 16 was not an endpoint. Rather, it was a grace-filled moment in our Church and a milestone along the road toward becoming an evangelizing diocese filled with Catholics conformed to Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted: October 2018