Coronavrirus FAQ for the Faithful
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What about music? I’ve read news reports that singing can be a particularly effective means of transmitting the virus.

Music is certainly important to our liturgical celebrations as it attempts to lift the soul and express our faith. Each parish needs to consider the following as we begin to return to Mass in limited numbers while observing the required physical distancing:

  1. Because the faithful will be wearing masks, singing on the part of the assembly might prove challenging and ineffective.
  2. Health experts indicate that singing produces 6-10x more droplets from our mouths than recitation. Keeping singing for the assembly to a minimum is advised and the congregation should not remove their masks to sing.
  3. If there is a “choir” present, it should be as small as possible with each member spaced about 10’ apart.
  4. If worship aids are produced, they are to be used for only one Mass and then disposed of to avoid any possible contamination.
  5. The music minister singing the entrance and communion antiphon is a good option to incorporate music in our liturgies.