Unleash the Gospel

What can I do to help unleash the Gospel in the Archdiocese of Detroit?

Pray that the Holy Spirit, the principal agent for unleashing the Gospel, will share with us His unlimited divine power to feed the spiritual hunger in southeast Michigan. Ask for the intercession of Mary, Star of the New Evangelization, that she will inspire us with confidence that the Lord hears our prayers and will not fail to answer. Click here to sign up for occasional emails with specific prayer intentions. Above all, make it your mission to live your calling as a joyful missionary disciple, boldly sharing the power of the Gospel in everything you do.

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Learn more by listening to a new podcast the archdiocese launched in November 2018 called Open Door PolicyIt is hosted by the Fr. Steve Pullis, Director of Evangelization, Catechesis, and Schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit, and St. Augustine & St. Monica parishioner Danielle Center. 

Season 1 of Open Door Policy will feature six episodes in which Fr. Steve and Danielle interview fellow joyful missionary disciples from around the archdiocese to learn more about their work as they strive to unleash the Gospel in southeast Michigan. During the show, guests share their personal testimonies, their stories of encountering Jesus Christ and their decisions to follow Him. They also talk about the pastoral letter Unleash the Gospel.

The name of the podcast, Open Door Policy, is a tribute to Blessed Solanus Casey, God's doorkeeper, and reflects God's call for the Archdiocese to be mission-focused and to go out and share the Gospel – the most radical, beautiful and life-changing message of all time.

You can download the Open Door Policy on Apple PodcastSpotify, or Google Podcasts.

Additionally for those interested in further reflecting on Archbishop Vigneron's  Unleash the Gospel pastoral letter, a new audio version is available for streaming or download on Soundcloud. It will soon be available in Amazon and Apple audiobooks and on Audible.