What is a procurator / advocate?

The procurator/advocate's role is both to act on behalf of the party he or she is representing and to assist the Church in finding the truth. The "advocate" aspect of the role involves being available to answer any questions that may arise from the person he or she represents. Once all the information for the case is gathered, the advocate may be requested to compose a brief argument on behalf of the party and submit it to the review judge.

The "procurator" role involves acting in the place of the party when he or she is impeded or chooses not to act. All priests and most of the permanent deacons in the Archdiocese of Detroit are approved to act in the role of procurator/advocate. There are some lay people with special training in tribunal procedure, who are certified to work in this capacity. The party he or she represents must appoint the procurator/advocate in writing and the procurator/advocate must acknowledge this appointment in the same way.