What is Ecumenical Dialogue?

Ecumenism, from the Greek word “oikoumene,” meaning “the whole inhabited world,” is the promotion of cooperation and unity among Christians. We engage in ecumenical dialogue because of the belief that a divided Christianity is a scandal to the world and an impediment to the proclamation of the Gospel (cf. John 17:21; Ut Unum Sint 6).

Underlying the Catholic Church’s pursuit of ecumenism is its recognition that elements of sanctification and truth are found outside her visible structure (cf. Lumen Gentium 8 § 2).

We also recognize that Catholics are not the only ones who are seeking to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in southeast Michigan. We honor and support the efforts of our brothers and sisters in other Christian communions to bear witness to Christ; Wherever possible we should work together with them to bring the light of Christ into our city and region, although without ceasing to proclaim the fullness of Catholic teaching.
Archbishop Vigneron, Unleash the Gospel 3.2    

Foundational Documents Relating to Ecumenical Dialogue

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