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What is the difference between CCSEM and other Catholic charitable organizations in the region like crisis pregnancy centers, counseling services, food banks, and programs to help the homeless?

There are various other Catholic charitable efforts in southeast Michigan with varying connections to the archdiocese and parishes. These programs and services focus on community needs they have identified. For example, there are various food pantries across the region, and organizations, such as the St. Vincent de Paul Society, that have a long-established presence at many parishes.

The staff for all seven CCSEM ministries is supervised by professionally trained managers. Many of our staff members are professionally trained social workers, counselors, and case workers who provide structured case management services to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive assessment of all areas of life. For counseling services, CCSEM can bill insurances, both private and Medicaid HMOs, and it offers psychiatric services as an adjunct to counseling, if needed. 

CCSEM is accountable to Archbishop Vigneron, to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to its care as the primary archdiocesan charitable service agency for works of mercy in the region. Archbishop Vigneron’s expectation is for all Catholic human services agencies in southeast Michigan to collaborate, emphasize existing strengths, share resources when possible, and focus on bringing hope and healing to those in need on a consistent basis throughout southeast Michigan. The goal is to make Catholic charitable services more efficient, more responsive to the needs of communities through southeast Michigan, and more closely coordinated with parishes.