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What is the difference between the Archdiocese of Detroit Endowment Foundation and the Sent on Mission fundraising initiative?

The Stewards for Tomorrow campaign and resulting Archdiocese of Detroit Endowment Foundation were created primarily to support existing Archdiocese of Detroit ministries, including Catholic school students, seminarians, students preparing for lay ministry, youth and family ministry education. The campaign concluded after two years as a great success, with tens of millions raised through the generosity of the faithful. In the years since, almost $80 million has been distributed in support of these important ministries.

Sent on Mission is about renewal. This new journey reflects God’s call for us to transform the Archdiocese of Detroit from an organization focused on maintenance into a band of joyful missionary disciples committed to the Church’s ancient mission of sharing the Good News of Christ in our communities. As the second phase of our movement to Unleash the Gospel in southeast Michigan, Sent on Mission is about re-founding our parishes so that everything we do — how we pray, how we minister, how we serve — leads us to be more effective witnesses to the Gospel. To do this, parishes will create unique Missionary Strategic Plans with bold, actionable and concrete ideas for how to re-focus all parish activity and efforts towards evangelization.

To help obtain resources to activate these plans, and to help fund other initiatives that will benefit parishes, schools and all the faithful in southeast Michigan, a fundraising effort began in late 2019 at nine Partner Parishes who volunteered to complete their Missionary Strategic Plans first.

Parishes will keep more than half of the money raised to fund the complete renewal of their communities toward mission. The other portion of the funds will be used to support renewal activities at the archdiocesan level, including implementing a new vision for Catholic schools that reestablishes Catholic education in southeast Michigan as the responsibility of all the faithful and commits to ensuring our schools are proudly Catholic, academically excellent, accessible to all and sustainable well into the future.