What is the status of a divorced Catholic in the Church?

The Church does not teach that civil divorce is grounds for excommunication. Catholics who are divorced and who have not entered another civil union are encouraged to practice their faith, including reception of the sacraments. Being separated or divorced, on its own, does not affect one's status in the Church. Catholics who happen to be divorced are full members of the Church with all of the same rights and duties as any other member of Christ's faithful.

Catholics who are divorced and who have remarried without a declaration of nullity* are not free to receive the sacraments until they celebrate the marriage in the Church. They are however encouraged to practice other aspects of their faith. People in this situation can certainly attend mass, pray, study scripture, etc. *Also included are dissolutions of marriage through a Pauline Privilege, Privilege of the Faith, and Ratified and Non-Consummated marriage.