Coronavirus FAQ for Pastors
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What should a pastor/administrator do regarding financial conditions for their parish/school?

The Curia is maintaining existing payroll levels through April 6th. This is recommended for parishes and schools as well, however, we recognize the final decisions rests with individual pastors. If there is a decision to make temporary layoffs before April 6th, the pastor should contact Chantale Stevenson ( and Kevin Kijewski ( if schools are involved.

Other ongoing operating expenses should only be for items critical for ongoing operations: online Mass, outreach support, utilities, insurance, safety-related facilities requirements, etc.

The parish should suspend non-essential capital projects until offertory income has returned to pre-pandemic levels. The eight pastors on the College of Consultors will provide recommendations to the archbishop on determining if a capital project is essential or non-essential.

Parishes or schools in financial distress should do the following:

  • Review the previous month’s actual expenditures and estimate ongoing monthly critical expenditure requirements
  • Review outstanding checking account balances and LDP savings balances
  • If your projected monthly expenditures, near-term, exceed your combined cash balances, please contact Jeff Wagoner ( or Brian Pilat (

Continue to monitor your financial condition to ensure adequate cash flow to pay critical expenditures for ongoing operations.