What will parishes who participate in Walking with Moms in Need actually do?

Parishes who participate in the Walking with Moms in Need Initiative will form a core team of staff and volunteers, complete a resource inventory to identify needs and resources in their local community, take a look at the gifts and resources they have in the parish or family or parish community and create a plan to communicate with and accompany moms in need in their greater community. They will be supported by the AOD and Catholic Charities’ Walking with Moms in Need Team, as well as provided with extensive resources from the USCCB, throughout.

Participating parishes will create a plan to address the following questions:

  • What needs/gaps exist in our community’s support of mothers? How can our parish or Family of Parishes fill this need? If we cannot, do we know who can?  
  • What ministers in our church will moms in need interact with? Do these ministers have access to the proper resources to make referrals?
  • How will we continuously demonstrate that our parish is aware of, interested and responsive to the needs of mothers?
  • Do all members of our parish recognize that we are a “People of Life” and a refuge where they, and others can find the resources they need?
  • How will we continuously educate our people about Church teachings on life?