When do priests retire? How do they qualify for retirement benefits from the Detroit Archdiocese?

Archdiocesan priests can conclude their pastoral administrative responsibilities at age 70. The actual date of this change of status is determined in consultation with the Archbishop at the beginning of the calendar year in which they celebrate their 70th birthday. Requests for emeritus priest status are ordinarily accepted since it is the judgment and experience of the Presbyteral Council and bishops of the Detroit Archdiocese that the demands of a pastorate in the contemporary Church and society require a great deal of energy. When priests are healthy and wish to continue active administrative responsibilities, the Archbishop considers such requests on an individual basis.

According to the Church’s Canon Law (Canon 538.3) pastors are not required to submit their resignation until the age of 75. The Archbishop respects the provisions of the law in those cases in which pastors choose to continue in their ministry as pastor until age 75. If the good of souls or the need or advantage of the Church requires it, the Archbishop may transfer a priest to another office in accordance with the Code of Canon Law.

In the event of health problems or permanent disability requiring retirement, priests may request senior priest status at age 65. These requests are considered individually and if granted, benefits are adjusted according to years of service.