Why is PD&T fully outsourced to another company?

In 2012, after a technology assessment by a consultant, the Archdiocese was advised to bring on a strategic lead to address the proliferation of tools without any overarching guide.  With the introduction of a new Adjunct to the Moderator of the Curia for Technology, it was mutually agreed to outsource that lead.  The purpose of this was because it would be difficult to hire a strong technology staff into a Diocese as technology is not a core competency of the Catholic Church.  This led to the establishment of VersAlta Technology Solutions, which later became VersAlta Mission Solutions. The primary contract of VersAlta Mission Solutions is a contract which delivers the staffing model of Process, Data and Technology as one in service to the Archdiocese but is modeled to help dioceses and parishes move from maintenance to mission through a strategic implementation of technology.