Why is VersAlta a For-Profit company?

Through prayer and discernment, the VersAlta Leadership team worked closely with Archdiocesan leadership and other Catholic business owners to evaluate various operational models. Possible models included becoming a non-profit juridic person within the Church (and listed in the Kenedy directory), an independent non-profit, and for-profit company. In pursuing options for non-profit status, both legal and professional advisors guided us away from non-profit status, especially if we intended to have an option to support for-profit companies. As a result, VersAlta Mission Solutions remains a for-profit company, but it seeks to re-invest a portion of its profits back into Christian missionary efforts. For more on this, we encourage you to see ways that VersAlta gives back. We remain open to options that allow us to maximize our services and value to the Church, and welcome feedback on how VersAlta can adapt to further advance the mission.