Mooney Real Estate Holding Company and Parish Incorporations
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Will there be a corporate board of directors? Will laity be involved? What is the role of the Pastor and the Archbishop?

The plan is to create a Board of Directors consisting of four persons:

  1. Pastor (or the Moderator/One Pastor when a parish joins a Family)
  2. Parish lay representative (typically the chairperson of the parish finance council, as designated by the Pastor or Moderator/One Pastor)
  3. Vicar General or Episcopal Vicar of the Archdiocese assigned to that region (at present it would be one of the auxiliary Bishops)
  4. Chancellor of the Archdiocese

The Pastor (or Moderator/One Pastor) will be the president of the corporation, with the same powers and duties that he has currently. He will also serve as treasurer. The chancellor, who is at present a lay person, will serve as secretary. The Archbishop will have certain reserved powers over matters identical to our current practice and in accord with canon law.