The World and the Church Need You

God calls men like you to be consecrated to preach the Gospel, administer the sacraments, and care for the needs of the community.

Deacons, through the sacrament of Holy Orders, are empowered to preach, baptize, assist at the Eucharist, and witness marriages.

But deacons are not only ordained to attend to the religious needs of people; they are specially ordained to express care and concern for their brothers and sisters, especially the alienated and oppressed.

Dcn. Jeff Loeb Dcn. Cruz

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"From the Vocations Awareness evening through the process of formation...God has called me to be a better husband, a better father, and a true servant of the Lord."

Deacon Hector Anaya-Bustos

"Serving others in their times of joy, pain, and sorrow has led me to experience and witness our fragile humanity. These experiences have changed my life in ways I never thought possible."

Deacon Jeff Loeb

“Because of the Permanent Diaconate program, I am a better Christian and herald of the Good News of Christ. All aspects of my life—husband, father, friend—have improved through my vocation to the diaconate.”

Deacon Michael Heard

Ready to Answer God’s Call?

What’s the best way to begin my discernment path to the permanent diaconate?

Contacting the Assistant Director for Diaconate Vocations, Deacon Mike Stewart (, is a great place to get personalized guidance for the discernment path toward the permanent diaconate. You can also download our Discernment Guide.

How can I find out if I meet the criteria to become a permanent deacon?

Visit to learn more about the specific criteria needed to become a permanent deacon.

Do I need to belong to a specific parish to become a permanent deacon?

You need to be registered at and an active member of a parish within the archdiocese that you are considering applying to. Furthermore, you need to establish a relationship with the pastor of that parish to the extent that the pastor would be able to adequately recommend you as a potential applicant to the permanent diaconate program.

Is there academic study involved in becoming a permanent deacon?

Not only are the required academic courses a key component of the intellectual dimension of permanent diaconate formation, but they are also significant for each potential applicant and candidate's spiritual, human, and pastoral formation. For academic information and guidance on prerequisites, please contact the Admissions Department at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

Do I need spiritual direction to become a permanent deacon?

While spiritual direction is not mandatory prior to acceptance into the permanent diaconate program, it is highly recommended to aid in the discernment of God’s will for anyone’s journey in this life.

Dcn. Cruz greets a parishioner

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